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Dream - Experience - Adapt

Multitool is above all an old dream. A dream of being able to provide a 360° service in the planning and logistics of any type of event.

Guillaume Taens Multitool

After more than 15 years of experience in all sectors of Events, Multitool is able to offer you tailor-made support in the planning and logistical management of your event (from creation to completion).

Multitool lives up to its name : 
Multitool adapts to match its skills to your expectations.

From global  to technical and Facility Management, Multitool is committed to carrying your project at arm's length to make it a total success.



" Passionate about events since my youngest age, I always wanted to do this job.
Through hard work, I gradually learned all the facets of this profession. I had the opportunity to practice for several large institutions.
Today, I want to put my experience at your service thanks to my two main assets passion and rigor. "


"Thinking about everything... at the same time".

Event management

Event management involves the presence of a manager, a leader.

Project management is a profession in its own right

This mission requires skills of "communication, versatility and organizational skills such as rigor and method that it will assimilate to the ability of « thinking about everything... at the same time".

Our mission is :

  • To set the objectives, the strategy, the means, the organization and the program of action,

  • Coordinate actions successive or simultaneous.

  • Be able to modulate: the strategy, the means and the structure if an objective evolves or if a change modifies the available resources.

  • Optimize the distribution of resources in order to arrive at an optimal or least cost solution, in a global vision of the project".

Event Management


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Organization - Coordination - Control

technical management

The technical manager prepares, organizes, coordinates and controls all the human and material resources necessary for the use, production and technical operation of places, shows, events and demonstrations in private or public places.

He also is a technical and administrative manager of the technical sector.

Its mission is a managerial function of study, planning, supervision and management of the skills of different trades.

This function leads to the design and management of a technical project that will enhance the artistic project.

As head of the Technical Department, Multitool participates with the management in defining the production and operating policy of the event, in its translation into technical and human resources, as well as in the management of the various technical departments, necessary for the setting up and operation of a show or event as well as for the maintenance of a place and its equipment. Multitool offers Technical Management in two work situations:

  • Technical management of a fixed establishment

  • Technical management of occasional events (festivals, tours, varieties, concerts, events, street arts etc.)

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Productivity accelerator

Facility management

Facility Management is resolutely placed at the heart of the company.

As a true conductor, the role of Facility Manager is to carry out full-time activities in the departments concerned.

This complex job also requires on-the-job training

Facility Management is a productivity accelerator at the heart of the company's economic, social and environmental action.

The characteristics of the FM make him a key person in the strategic management of any company.

Facility Management is therefore a new vision of services to employees and real estate.

Multitool will put its experience at your service in this regard.


©Dany Lucas


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